Thesis & Capstone Projects

As a double major, I was given the opportunity to complete two separate thesis/capstone projects. My Advertising capstone involved a semester-long project and advertising campaign for a new local non-profit, Your Store of the Queen City. Projects were completed in teams of 4 or 5; my team of 4 won the bid at the end of the semester and our campaign will be implemented this summer before the opening of the store. My graphic design thesis show, The Hard of Hearing, took place on February 14th, 2020 in the A.B. Cohen Art Gallery alongside two others. My solo show featured interactive design and handmade artworks advocating that people become more active listeners within personal, digital, and communal platforms. You can learn more about each project below or click-in to view an in-depth description and gallery of my work.

Beyond these two projects, I was also selected as a result of my high level of involvement on campus to complete an Arrupe Leaders Legacy Project. Unfortunately, due to COVID, the Arrupe Leaders program was canceled early and I was unable to complete my project. However, I have included a link below to show my work and present to you what potentially could have been.


The Hard of Hearing

Today’s culture has shaped us to all be great speakers. But good conversation doesn’t start with speaking, it listens. True listening is a two-way street and participation comes not only by taking in the information, but responding as well. Each piece in my show highlights a place in today’s dialogue where I see the least amount of listening. As each piece informs the conversation, it is up to the viewer to then guide the conversation by listening and responding.

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Your Store of the Queen City

Meiser’s Fresh Grocery and Deli is a new grocery store looking to open up in the Lower Price Hill neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. The store is run by a local non-profit organization, Your Store of the Queen City, that looks to help revitalize the neighborhood by empowering its current residents and providing the necessary ingredients to help foster growth in the community. The organization is in need of help with branding and promoting their grocery store in order to ensure an effective launch in June 2020.

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Arrupe Leaders Legacy Project

Whether through art, advertising, music, radio, or performing, my work has always stemmed from my skills as a communicator. For my legacy project, I look to use these skills to help the university display its Jesuit mission as an ally and advocate for each member of its community. As such, I hope to create a mural on the side of the new Communications building displaying how we work for and with others in the community around us.

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