ICBG 2020 Annual Report


Overview:The Illinois Craft Brewers Guild is a Chicago-based collective of Brewers and beer-lovers from all over the state. Each year, they release a report highlighting the successes and downfalls of the association over the last fiscal year. My design solution provides engaging graphics and clear chart information in order to inform members in a way that is easy-to-read and fun.

Skill Focus: Print Design (Illustrator, InDesign)

Involvement: Design

Outcome: The final design went beyond utilizing many of the previous brand elements and built/established a few new ones as well. In particular, the pattern present on the covers and in the corners of many of the pages was new to the ICBG brand. Color scheme was newly introduced just prior to this project in early 2020. Page layouts were updated and streamlined in order to make updating the Annual Report in future years much easier.

If I had another chance, what would I change? Something that was not brought up until later versions of the draft process was the fact that this document would only be displayed as a digital PDF in single-page format. This was different from previous years due to COVID, but was not something I considered before designing. If given another chance, I think I would have suggested from the beginning the possibility of designing a more interactive web version of the information and ditching the booklet design for a year. 

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